Samsung S6 review

I recently got a new(ish) phone, a Samsung S6. I upgraded from an S4 to and S6. I did try out a Lenovo a couple of months ago, but it didn’t work out so i decided to stay with the Samsung family. I use my phone for just a couple of things, web browsing, social media and gaming. I occasionally take pictures of stuff (to be read: food)

So far it’s been a real treat if I compare it to my old S4.


After 2 years, the poor thing was in pain, it worked okay(Ish), but the battery had as much autonomy as France in WW2.

The S6 is much better, but I hoped it would be better. It lasts a full day 12-13 hours if I don’t fiddle with it too much. But I somehow hoped it would be better than this. It’s a used phone, so that’s also a factor. In any case, a one day run for a smartphone in 2017 is the usual standard.


The camera is awesome, I’m not much of a photographer, but it takes awesome pictures, for what i used it in any case. The only issues I had with it is the focalization function. At time it can’t focalize, it keeps trying and trying and making an annoying buzzing sound. Apparently other people had this issues too and the solution was a new camera. It I move the camera to a different point to focalize it comes back to life so I don’t want to go to the trouble of servicing it for this.


I have to say I don’t really use big games or apps so it doesn’t really have anything to struggle with. My usual routine is quite light so performance wise I never had any issues. Not a single jam so far.

Look and touch

It’s a very beautiful phone with a delicate touch to it. It took some getting use to as it’s a lot lighter and thinner than my old S4. I use a silicone back cover on it, the grip is much better this way, otherwise I think I might have dropped it a few times. If you do drop it I have a slight feeling that it won’t take it lightly so some sort of cover for protection is useful. This is quite a shame as the phone is very delicate and beautiful. But that’s the paradox of amazing smartphone in 2017, great looks, covered by a cover to avoid damage.



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