The middle – a show about real life

It’s a sitcom about a middle class family in Indiana. It’s about a struggling family with three kids trying to make due, provide for and raise their kids. And it’s a comedy. Surprised? It’s actually quite funny.

Beyond the sitcom value and comedy style, the Middle is in many ways a representation of middle struggling America, of millions of families in small cities, living the american dream way of life, which basically means making due. Getting by. Trying to get until the next paycheck. It’s filled with situations that are core values for small town USA.

It’s a show about real life because it connects most people to their own life. It connect people in flyover America, something that hasn’t been done in quite a while, or least not this way. A friend of mine recommended “Malcolm in the Middle” when I mentioned that I was watching the Middle, so maybe that’s something you can relate. Or maybe it’s just easier if you try it out. As a sitcom, for me, it brings more value that it meets the eye. Those laughs have something more behind them.

Have a look at a few scenes here.

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