Outlander – season 2

I just recently I finished watching season 2 of Outlander, it took me quite a while as I was watching a few other things in between. I’m not very good (anymore) at binge watching apparently. If you don’t know what it’s about check out its IMDb page. If you’re lazy and don’t want do, I’ll sum it up for you: woman goes through magic stones in the past, meets red haired scot, falls in love, things happen.

That’s the very, very basic version. It’s actually quite a nuanced show, thrilling with a dash of comedy, showing an age in time where live and death were very different. I personally love period pieces, and the blend of an 20th century English woman with a 18th century rebel scot is quite a charming and exciting.

The second season covered a lot more ground that the first one, both in time and in emotions and character development. It will be hard to name everything that happened, and I’m not much for spoilers so you better just watch the show yourself. I’m going to tell it covers life in France, a massive rebellion and several important historic events. It’s a long journey, the journey of Jamie and Claire, of suffering love (it’s quite a repetitive theme in romance) enduring obstacles and challenges. It’s entertaining, it keeps your heart in your stomach and it makes you want more and more. Until season 3 there’s no more for me, but nonetheless, have a look at it. Here’s a short preview (small spoilers).



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