Stromae live!

I don’t remember how I came across the video of Stromae’s concert in Montreal, from his Racine Carree tour, but I’m really glad I found it. I first heard Alors au danse a few years ago, but I really got hooked on his second album. I don’t speak French, so I needed Google translate to find out what he was talking about, and a lot of the musicality got lost in the translation, but I still liked the sound of it. This was actually the first time I got to understand all of his songs (the video had subtitles), his lyrics are very deep and meaningful. If you can speak or understand French, well, you’re lucky.

I loved the concert, he’s really good live and can really put on a show and get people going. He interacts with the audience beautifully, dances, all of this combined with the special effects, the stage and the backgrounds used, really made an artistic performance. I hope I get to see him live (for real) some day. In the meantime, I will enjoy the recording, if you have any sort of inclination towards French music, I suggest you do to. My favorite songs are:

2 0:03:45 Ta fête

3 0:08:03 Bâtard

6 0:20:53 Tous les mêmes

7 0:29:28 Ave cesaria

9 0:41:47 Quand c’est ?

11 0:50:40 Moules frites

12 0:58:09 Formidable

14 1:10:06 Carmen

16 1:22:30 Alors on danse

17 1:27:28 Papaoutai

18 1:40:23 Merci

19 1:50:45 Tous les mêmes – a capella



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