Everybody loves Raymond

I love this show, it’s one of my “I can watch it over and over again” shows, it has a timeless humour that always makes me feel better. I’m almost done with my 5th rewatch I think, I’m up to season 8 now, but I’m sure that sometime in the future, I’ll get into it again.

It might seem redundant to watch the same who so many times, when it’s so long (9 seasons, 210 episodes), I could use the time to watch something new, to try all sorts of new TV shows, but frankly, watching Everybody loves Raymond I know i’m getting something good from the get go.

I’m a TV show fanatic so I try lots of different types, comedies, dramas, everything except horror (can’t stand that), but very few of them make me feel good, make me connect to the characters, make me cherish them. There are just a few that will forever stay with me (sitcoms), that will always make me laugh, no matter how many times I watch them, and Everybody loves Raymond is one of them.

The family setting, the stereotypical lazy husband and nagging mother in law aren’t really OMG aspects of the show, but the way these characters grow, relate and how they’re played by a cast that just fits, makes it all worthwhile. Ray Romano is a pretty lousy actor, but then again, so is Jerry Seinfeld, but the thing is, in both shows, they’re both just sort of playing themselves. They’re not actors, they’re just comedians and that’s enough in this case. Doris Roberts and Brad Garrett have the acting chops here, and together with forever disgruntled wife, played by Patricia Heaton and Peter Boyle, they make a crazy family come to life. I love that family, so I suggest you try the show and see how it goes. Here’s a little preview.



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