Getting ready for Batman vs. Superman

I’m getting a bad feeling, a really bad feeling. It’s excitement mixed with a sense of dread, I have to see the movie, even if the whole world says it sucks, I will pay my dues and see it, so I can say for sure it sucks. Although, it might be awesome. It might, I wouldn’t put any money on it. If you made me choose between (you can call me a Marvel lover now) Civil War and Dawn of Justice, I’d choose the one that doesn’t sound like a cheesy TV drama from the 1970’.

I’m hopeful, I really am, I hope it will be a great movie that starts off a great series, a great Justice League film and another Batman trilogy. But the bar is very high, and it’s not set by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s set by Nolan and his Dark Knight trilogy, it’s set by Bale and his Batman. The bar is high, so in order for it to be great, it has to match and exceed the Nolan standard. I haven’t see it, but I’m having a bad feeling that it won’t reach the level we expect it to be. I might be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. Will check back after I get a good long (it’s 2 hours and 33 minutes long) look at it. So far the reviews are not kind, but the IMDB score is pretty good.

Will you see it? Or let me put it another way, will you pay to see it, or will you use …other means?

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One thought on “Getting ready for Batman vs. Superman

  1. I’ve just seen the movie and it’s not too bad. :) I would not say wasted money. Also, I had some “ahaaa!” moments during the movie.
    Except the fact that I don’t like 3D movies, and SF movies in general… this one was ok :)

    Or I’m too novice to get it :P

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