Why is Trump so popular?

It’s not because we talk about him more, it’s not because he gets more air time and more headlines, it’s not because my Facebook feed is full of Trump related “news”, scandals alway attract more attention than newsworthy facts. Trump is popular because of the american people. If you’re an american you might say “bullshit” which would indicate that you’re not in favour of Trump and you take offense of me generalising. You, sir or madam, would be correct, I am generalising, but let me explain what I mean.

Donald Trump represents a lot of things, before he ran for office he stood as the image of the very successful businessman (he’s not as successful as he seems but I’ll get back to that) who through thick (he was born into a rich life and always has a privileged life, so there was no thick) and thin, managed to come true, stay rich, have it all, the beautiful wife (who is an immigrant, just pointing out the blatant irony), the millions of dollars, the fame, the fortune, you know the american dream! Donald Trump was a goal, something to aspire for many people, he still is perceived as a role model by many, despite his 5 bankruptcies. Trump is somehow synonymous with success and that’s the first reason why he is popular.

Now let me break it down to why he isn’t as successful as he seems.

Trump was born in a very rich family, he went to an Ivy League school and had a fully fledged business handed to him. It’s really hard not to sound like a Trump hater right now, but with the risk of sounding bias (I am bias) I don’t really like the man. He started his career in real estate where he got sued for violating the Fair Housing Act. This would be the start of many, many, many (I could go on for a while here) of Trump lawsuits. Someone who treats laws as informal guidelines, and who views personal financial success more important that fairness is not someone you want running a country. Trump is successful but not how many people view him, he is rich, yes, but he is unable to sustain a good business. His many ventures and forays into different fields led to lawsuits, violation and bankruptcies. Overextending his reach is a main tactic for Trump business, that’s why he went backrupt five times, he uses the backrupcy laws to trim down his debt so he can start over again. Being able to play the system also doesn’t make you a good canditate for President (of the system). In 2011 he was quoted by Newsweek by Howard Kurts “I do play with the bankruptcy laws — they’re very good for me” as a tool for trimming debt (http://www.newsweek.com/kurtz-trump-backlash-66503) Just because he comes out in good shape after a bad business deal doesn not make him succesfull. Being able to complete a good deal, build a successful company for years, offering jobs, creating products, making a contribution, that’s successful, not putting your name on a building that you built with other people’s money and then running into the ground.

Donald Trump is very successful in building his name and brand, and spreading it all over the world, he is successful in playing the field, avoiding as many laws as he can, not paying his lenders and coming out unscathed from each new bankruptcy. But that doesn’t make him a successful businessman, that makes him a cunning conman.

His view on women, minorities, immigration, religion and other important topics have been the subject of a few headlines before the presidential race, but as he got into the public eye he became a beacon of bigotry and xenophobia. He started his campaign last year in June with this statement on immigration “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.” He got a lot of press, a lot of news cycles because it was an inflammatory and bigoted remark. People who, in 2016, say such things can’t really run for office, can they?

trump supportersYes they can, and almost a year later they end up leading the polls and the race in the Republican primaries. How did that happen?

I’m going to get back to the american people now. And so I don’t upset anybody I’m going to be specific, I’m going to get back to the republican conservatives who voted and who support Donald Trump. Ignore them if you will, call them morons, idiots, bigots, racists, but they exist, and they are the reason that Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican Race. Donald kept making inflammatory remarks, we all laughed, they they all listened. The press picked it up because it draw attention, which meant ratings, and they gave him endless air time, promoting his racist beliefs and giving him a platform to preach from. If we would have ignored him he might have dimmed down, but in a presidential race there had to be someone who could have taken the spotlight away from him, a republican with issues and facts (I know it may seem farfetched) not boisterous remarks and penis size comparisons.

There was no such republican, and there still isn’t such a republican. That way he would have ended up as just another small time candidate with a brisk and fiery campaign, and most importantly a short campaign. But now we have the very likely possibility of Donald Trump becoming the republican nominee for president of the United States. And that’s just scary, even for the republicans.

The GOP is freaked that he might get the nomination and the funny (and still scary thing is) that the republican voters are the ones that brought Trump up, they are the ones that either share his beliefs, which is terrifying or that are just enamored by his empty rhetoric and successful appearance.

“Donald Trump says it as it is, he’s different from all the rest, and he’s a rich business man so can make America great again and rid us of that democratic plague we’ve been enduring for the past 8 years”.

This is not a quote, it’s just the mindset of so many republican voters that support Trump. Make no mistake, 8 years of democratic leadership has a hand in this, let’s not forget that (roughly) half the country is democrat and half is republican, with fundamentalists on each side, on the democratic side the libertarians and on the republican side the conservatives. All the conservatives are all behind Trump like he’s the second coming, and the moderate republicans don’t want another 4 years of a democrat in the Oval Office. These isn’t a big pool to choose from when it comes to republican nominees, and there isn’t one of them with at least enough charisma to outshine Trump, and in this game charisma counts.

Trump knows nothing about foreign policy, nothing about government (except how to get around its regulations) but he knows how to get in the press, how to get people’s attention. His speeches have no value in them, no background no solution, there’s just empty words, more than the usual ones in politics, but the problem is there is a large group of people who listen to those empty words, racists remarks and bigoted statements and agree with him. Even worse, they vote for him. Why is Trump so popular? Because of the people that support him, people who, frighteningly, share so much of his beliefs, or have no beliefs of their own and just go with the flow of bold and powerful statements from a man who seems like the best option. Seems is a very important word here.

It’s not the democrats who need to stop the plague of Trump, it’s the republicans, they have a cancer in their midst and they need to take care of it. If they don’t, they’ll never win in the general election and worse of all, the party will tear itself apart.. I’ not being pro democrate, I’m just being realistic, it’s not that there aren’t enough bigots in America, it’s that there are more sane individuals who realise, not just that a Trump presidency would suck, the U.S.A. had morons for presidents before, both democrats and republicans, but Trump is not stupid, he’s just ignorant and most importantly, dangerous, for americans, and for the world.

Modern democracy is not about the perfect candidate, we lost that long ago, the powers that be, the politics of today smear you, break you, and corupe you on your rise in politics. There are no squeaky clean politicians, they have all issues, problems and some shady backgrounds. Nobody gets to the point where they can run for President with a clean record, politics is dirty, and to play the game you have to get dirty. It may be pessimistic, or even sad, but that’s how it is. It’s not about Cruz or Kasich are better somehow than Trump, it’s about the less of a lot of evil. And for the Republican party, the republican voters and the american people, that evil is Trump.

Image source 1: slate.com

Image source 2: telegraph.co.uk



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