Travels and thrills

I recently took to a bit of travelling, more than ever before in my life, 6 countries in 7 days, but to be fair some of them were just a view from the bus. I got to participate in an amazing event called the World Peace Forum. Altogether I got to actually see a few places from a world very different from mine, a world just a couple of thousands miles away, but one that makes you and me wonder ” when we’ll have this?”. Even little things makes you compare things, like seeing hundreds of bikes on the street, parked like cars and remembering the few bikes back home that you see every day and those two bike lanes that exist in the whole city.

The buildings, the way they look, the way they are build, the way the people walk, behave, live, (I didn’t get to love) are just a bit ahead of the things I see every day, all day in my own native land. I loved it, I wanted it, I still want it, but from an outside perspective I probably just saw everything through my own comparison term, balancing them with everything I have at home. That life must be good I said. It must be, it probably is, but it’s not perfect, as nothing is, it just might be better than this life.


I’m not getting dramatic, I’m not talking about the substance of life, the deep meaning of life and how it should or must be lived, I’m just referring to the circumstances that define a lot of aspects in our life. We all have family, friends, fun no matter where we live or where we are. They are a part of our life, but so is the street we walk on every day, the people we don’t know but pass every day, the laws, rules and mentalities that define the society we live in.

Changing the world around you but keeping the people who matter around is something very hard and more importantly something that takes time, lots of time. Important things take time, culture and society doesn’t change from now until tomorrow or from year to year. It takes years and decades. Can you wait? Can I wait? Cand I take part in the change or can I be another fugitive? Or does it even matter if you stay or no?

Too many deep questions without answers from a simple trip full of thrills. Seeing more than your own backyard can change the way you see things, you know what’s out there, more, and more than what you have. Maybe it’s just an illusion, just a travel thrill that would turn itself in a terrible time if it got permanent. But maybe not.

There is no bottom line, no conclusion. See more, do more, live more. Choose the best life for you, with the right people in the right place. Wherever that may be.



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